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Gaon TCG
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Last Updated: 2018-10-16

Angel Hearts x500
Card Worth: 111
Level Up at:
Mastered Decks:
Collecting Decks: bts,
Wanted Decks: bb-beautifulhangover, bb-madea, bb-maded, bb-madem, blockb-bethelight, bts-fakelove, bts-nottoday, bts-saveme, bts-wings, bts,

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Activity Log

October 14, 2018 ------------
- Guess the MV: bp-boombayah13, ericnam10, mx-rush05, ptg-shine16, 100 votes
- That's a Bop: akmu-200percent15, svt-adoreu16, ggd-icechu09, gidle-latata03
- Nugu?: 2pm-promise04, bp-boombayah19, svt-woozi02, mmoo-starrynight08

October 13, 2018 ------------
- Lotto: got7-neverever07, wm-lalala01, ericnam01
- Wishing Well [Yasu's Welcome Pile]: got7-lullaby17, bb-maded17, rv-redflavor11, bts-doyou08, gidle-latata17, got7-justright13, ggd-icechu09, bb-madem15, nm-hurtlocker05, rv-icecreamcake08, loona-eclipse09, exo-heymama06, mx-hero14, blockb-bethelight01, ericnam17, svt-woozi17, nct-boss18, nct-firetruck08, exo-bloomingday19, rv-redflavor17, 300 votes

October 04, 2018 ------------
- Pick A Card: vixx-chainedup07, ptg-shine19, mx-rush03
- Cat Cafe: rv-icecreamcake02, got7-neverever15, mx-livinitup19, gidle-latata07
- Dance Practice: gidle-latata20, wm-lalala18, svt-ohmy05, loona-eclipse14, 100 votes
- Misplaced: wm-lalala15, bts-doyou09, bb-beautifulhangover14, bp-asifitsyourlast09
- Giveaway: ace-takemehigher02, mx-redcarpet14, b1a4-lonely07, ggd-icechu08, mx-livinitup19, bts-saveme04
- Tic Tac Toe: mx-redcarpet02, bts18, nm-hurtlocker04, nct-chewinggum17, bts-nottoday06
- Blackjack: loona-lovecherrymotion03, vixx-beautifulliar07, bts-saveme02, mx-livinitup02, rv-redflavor06
- Lucky: bb-madea04, mx-redcarpet05, bb-madem15
- Card Puzzle: rv-icecreamcake07, astro-breathless07, bts-doyou17, nm-hurtlocker17
- Guess the card: bts16, bts-wings16, april-tinkerbell16, april-tinkerbell20
- Guess the Lyrics: twice-signal10, mx-livinitup19, nct-firetruck13, mx-hero02
- Who's Baby Are You?: bts-nottoday18, ggd-icechu13
- Guess the MV: bp-asifitsyourlast06, sane-bodylanguage08, ikon-rhythmta13, nct-cherrybomb09, 100 votes
- That's a Bop: loona-lovecherrymotion07, exo-xoxo08, vixx-chainedup14, exo-bloomingday10
- Nugu?: bb-maded05, 2pm-promise14, ericnam13, bp-boombayah06
- Lotto: bp-boombayah11, bts-nottoday20, loona-lovecherrymotion20
- Starter Pack: bts15, bts17, bts02, 2pm-promise19, bts06, svt-woozi13, bts-fakelove13, twice-signal02, ericnam16, got7-lullaby03, 2pm-promise20, got7-lullaby03, svt-adoreu13